20 January 2021

Paper Size

Common Paper Sizes

Sheet Size A B C RA SRA
0 841x1189 1000x1414 917x1297 860x1120 900x1280
1 549x841 707x1000 648x817 610x860 640x900
2 420x594 500x707 458x648 430x610 450x640
3 297x420 500x700 324x458 305x430 320x450
4 210x297 250x353 229x324 215x305 225x320
5 148x210 176x250 162x229 152x215 160x225
6 105x148 125x176 114x162 107x152 112x160
7 74x105 88x125 81x114 70x107 90x112
8 52x74 62x88 57x81 53x76 56x80

All measurments are in millimeteres

Packing of Paper

How Paper is Packed

Unit of measurement Quantity in unit
1 Ream 500 Sheets
1 Box 5 Reans
1 Pallet 40 Boxes